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MOKANnabis - Resources and guides for the 1st time cannabis grower

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Established 2023

MOKANnabis - Resources and guides for the 1st time cannabis grower
MOKANnabis - Resources and guides for the 1st time cannabis grower

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To celebrate the state of Missouri legalizing recreational cannabis, the new MOKANnabis project will document the 1st cannabis grow from a long time vegetable gardener in the Kansas City area via YouTube videos and in-depth written content here on, with the goal of creating easy to follow guides for new growers while providing in-depth information and reviews of various types of cannabis growing equipment and products, including: lights, tents, nutrients, amendments, seeds, smoking accessories, edible making gear, and much more. 

Many of the products used throughout this 1st grow will be donated by established cannabis growing equipment, nutrient/amendment, and seed companies. These companies are donating their products, plus the cost of shipping. These products will be used and reviewed unbiasedly with in-depth information provided for growers. At this time, the MOKANnabis project is not accepting any form of "sponsorships" other than via simple product donations. Get more information about becoming a "sponsor" of this project.

What to Expect from MOKANNABIS

MOKANnabis - marijuana growing guides for 1st time growers

Unbiased Content

At this time, we are not accepting "endorsement" type of sponsorships. All of our "sponsors" are only donating their products so that we may provide in-depth and honest reviews here on the website, while we document and track the products' usage throughout a the 1st cannabis grow from a long-tiem home veggie gardener.

In-Depth Cannabis Guides & Product Info

 The MOKANnabis project is created by a marketing professional who is a long-time home veggie gardener. Simply, finding honest and in-depth guides is very difficult to do! Just watch a few of any cannabis "influencer" YouTube videos and you'll see a product appear with a lot of excitement... to never be mentioned again. Why is this? Did the company's "endorsement" money run out? Was the product crap? Was the "influencer" just out for a quick pay day? Who knows. 

The MOKANabis project is different. We are ONLY accepting products from companies who believe they offer a great product and are not afraid to have their products utilized fully and scrutinized in-depth by a long-time marketing pro and business consultant. Whether the product is great, mediocre, or crap - we'll give a full review with product info, links to manufacturer and 3rd party grower resources for the specific products, and we will recap each product detailing which type of cannabis grower each product is best suited for.

Are you a lazy grower? We'll find the products that are a good fit for you! Are you a noob? We'll find products for you! Are you a pro grower? Maybe we'll talk about pro-level gear one day, too! Pros - follow along and share your advice!

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Your ONLY cost is the COGS & shipping for any product(s) you would like to see used, tested, featured, have in-depth content created about, and linked to.