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The MOKANnabis Project is celebrating the legalization of recreational cannabis in the state of Missouri by documenting the 1st cannabis grow of a long-time home veggie gardener and 20+ year SEO professional.

Ultimately, this website will become a hub of in-depth detailed information targeted toward new home cannabis growers, including no-frills written and video guides and tutorials, in-depth product information and review pages, and reliable external resources for growers as they progress from noobs into confident home cannabis growers.

Sponsor the MOKANnabis project by donating a product(s) and shipping for any product(s) you would like to see used, tested, featured, have in-depth content created about, and linked to. Skip everything else on this page and become a sponsor now.

The Plan & The Value & The Offer & The Vision of The Project (and all the details of our semi-informal agreement)

I want to make sure that all companies who “sponsor” this project understand it and agree to it, so we all come out of it happy! Once you finish reading, you may decide it’s not for you, but please do me the courtesy of completing it, especially since I’ve taken the effort to think through and detail as much as possible and also – you (most likely) asked me to send over more information… Oh, yeah! Very importantly, the sometimes stern tone should be read with humor in mind. It only comes across sternly because I do take this project seriously, however the general tone and its intent is many times lost with the written word. Simply imagine we’re longtime friends having a jokingly good time as you read the in-depth explanation of my project and our semi-formal agreement for the project. Shit. Am I stoned? (Hi. This is Travis from the future of writing those previous few sentences. Yes, I was stoned… but still, this has been read and edited multiple times before sending because – see above – I take this project seriously). Let’s go!

Not an “Influencer” Sponsorship

This is not a social media or “influencer” sponsorship opportunity. It is an in-depth SEO written text content “sponsorship” opportunity with YouTube videos and socials as supplemental bonuses.

Your “Cost”

The only thing this sponsorship will “cost” your company is simple COGS and shipping of one single product that you yourselves choose to be featured throughout my first grow. I’m happy to suggest a specific product(s) that I would like to check out if you like, but it is 100% your call. That’s all. No cash. No affiliate or referral fees. No bill to pay. Nothing other than the bare bones cost for you to produce the product and deliver it. At this time, I am only looking for product donations as “sponsorships.” I will not accept anything more than that for this project at this stage from any product producer.

Let me explain.

The Plan

The plan is to launch everything at once. It will start fresh and new with this new project. New website. New domain name. New YouTube channel. New socials. I agree, this is not the “normal” way of going about this type of process for you, but don’t be freaked out just yet – this is completely different compared to “influencer marketing.” I am only looking for product donations as “sponsorships.”

As a Search Engine Optimization (SEO), digital marketing, and web development pro since 2003, I bring a unique advantage compared to most of the YouTube channels and/or “social media influencers” you may have sponsored or hired previously – I am a professional SEO. I create websites and content that people are searching for – and I get that content ranked at the top of a user’s search engine search results. My average client retainer is ~$15,000/6 months. I only mention that because “sponsors” need to understand that this is not a money-making venture for me at this stage. The time put in and expertise value I bring to the content I produce is equal to the level I produce for clients who pay me for SEO services. I am only looking for product donations as “sponsorships.”  

My offer is much different than a “traditional” “influencer” sponsorship. Influencers are mostly focused on a quick pay-day, rather than providing long-term value for the brands they “work” with. I love watching and learning from gardening and cooking (and cannabis) videos even more than I love actually doing those things. Well, probably not more than 🔥🌲 But… Anyway… One thing that’s VERY obvious in nearly all of the channels I love to watch – it’s super-freaking easy to spot a paid sponsorship vs. a product that was purchased by the content creator vs. a product given to the content creator for review (sometimes a combination, of course). Most of these channels will show a product once, but it’s never seen again in their garden or kitchen in future videos… and to top it off, they don’t reply to comments from viewers asking about those products. A payday, is a payday, is a payday. It’s even worse with social media influencers. I don’t even count how often a product promotion completely disappears so far down on an influencer’s feed after even a single day at times. I am only looking for product donations as “sponsorships.”

The Value

My goal is to document the first grow on YouTube from first seed to smoke/consumption via flower (and possible various types of edibles), BUT AND also most valuable in the long-term – create written content on a new corresponding website detailing the entire process, including all the tools and products used throughout the whole process. I am only looking for product donations as “sponsorships.'”

The value for your company here is that I know how to create content that ranks for users and I get those users to the website (or other online asset) page. Many times for SEO clients, I rank content for an individual product or product retailer or general product/service topic higher than the company who actually produces the product… and it’s not that hard to do, either. Companies can easily save money on SEO by following a few easy principles. The simple problem is, most companies don’t discuss their own products as in-depth or from as many different angles as the people who actually purchase and use their products – unless the company is doing so in an ad or via a paid sponsorship. It’s mind-boggling at times how lazy many companies are when it comes to creating their own content about their own products.

This is where SEOs come in. We find the deficiencies in the real long-lasting website content that is targeted at a specific audience who is actively looking to make a purchase and we create in-depth content to fill those deficient holes. This type of search ranking strategy doubles-down on trust in a brand, product, or service for a buyer because now the buyer (searcher) has found all their answers, even if not from the product’s own company. I am only looking for product donations as “sponsorships.”

I’m not trying to sell you SEO services, though (unless you want to talk about that instead, of course 😆) – and I am not reaching out on behalf of a client – on this one. I am reaching out for my own personal project. I am only looking for product donations as “sponsorships.'”

The Vision of the Project

After getting sucked-in and hooked, after watching many days worth of cannabis YouTube videos over the past few months, I decided to grow cannabis myself. On top of that, I figured it would be a great opportunity to apply my professional skills to a new project – while adding a ton of long-term marketing value for any company who wants to “sponsor.” I am only looking for product donations as “sponsorships.”

Ultimately, my long-term goal is to grow this website and project into a small business which produces income through sponsorships, affiliate marketing, drop-ship reselling, ad revenue, etc. 

However, as this project begins – as much as you don’t know me – I don’t know your company or your products, either. This is why I am only looking for product donations as “sponsorships” at this stage of the project. In the future, I will only “endorse” products which I have fully tested through product donation sponsorship, and continue to use and/or would recommend to my own friends and family to use.

The Offer

My approach with this project is to treat each “sponsor” as a “mini-SEO-client” by creating long-lasting professional level SEO content focused around in-depth cannabis growing from the perspective of a new grower and targeted at new growers. This is targeted content that will return value at no required additional or recurring charges to you and will provide value for years to come. I am only looking for product donations as “sponsorships.”

The YouTube videos are a “bonus,” as well as any additional social media attention – social media will not be my primary focus for this project, however.

For your sponsorship of a donated product, regardless of type, size, or quantity you will get:

  • Your product will be used throughout 1 full growing period to ensure I have time to fully evaluate and test the product
  • An in-depth written content page on this website for each product donated. The page will be created shortly after receiving or opening the product package – or full launch of the project
  • The page will be regularly updated to include ongoing experiences, tutorials, guides, links to your website, links to 3rd party resources
  • The page will remain active on this website for at least 1 year. There are no plans to take any content down, but just to cover my ass, 1 year is the promise. As a digital marketing pro, I always keep a website up for a project for many years
  • The info on this page includes:
    • Written info from Unboxing/Build/Setup/First-use of the product (including video if/when one is created)
    • Links to your product’s specific product page on your website (or 3rd party sales website of choice, ie Amazon, Google Shopping, specific online retailer, etc.)
    • Links to other relevant info I find that helps me throughout my grow with your product – assets on your website, 3rd party blogs, YouTube videos, etc.
    • Shout-out and links to other YouTube videos of growers I like and follow who mention your product positively. Multiple mentions third party mentions of your product goes toward creating and/or boosting trust in your brand/product
    • Links to local KC area retailers who carry your product. I love KC and I plan to also feature local stores, especially small businesses
    • Future written honest reviews. After growing season for most
    • NOTE – Most products/retailers simply list product details that have been copy and pasted onto their website from the manufacturer, and that’s why they cannot get traction in organic traffic via search. Basically, they all list the exact same info, which usually means only the first website/online source who publishes that exact info gets preference by search engines
  • In videos, your product’s label label will be clear on-screen in at least one video for viewers to know exactly what it is so they can easily search to find it. Also many other times when the product is used. Plus, added bumpers throughout the grow
  • In videos, the product will be mentioned by full product name each time (with all best efforts). This is one of my annoyances with any how-to video in any area – the person in the video talks to the viewer as if they know all the “shorthand” terminology already. For one channel, I had to search through/watch about two dozen videos before I could figure out what he was saying and to find find a clearish shot of the bottle in the background for me to “zoom in” on 😆
  • Unboxing/Build/Setup/First-use of the product in written content and/or video detailing the product more in-depth, including detailing the type of grower the product is target toward – regarding grow style, time/effort commitment, budget, etc. Providing this info to the viewer helps the viewer/potential buyer more quickly make a buying determination, since the specific product’s target buyer is clearly outlined. This type of detail never happens with “influencers,” and just leaves more questions for potential customers. Another annoyance I have with “influencer” videos
  • I will wear or show your swag in a video if you send some – t-shirt (size Medium usually, even if a bit snug at times 😆), hat, stickers, etc.
  • Giveaways to users/subscribers. I will happily use your products in giveaways, and some products may be used as giveaways at the end of the grow season
  • Association with Other Products. As a professional marketer I understand that a lot of times it is extremely beneficial for one company’s products to be shown and used next to another company’s products. If you let me know which products or companies, I will attempt to use your products in correlation with theirs (if they also sponsor). Please make an introduction with any of your current industry partners and me (this would benefit both of us)
  • Upgrade product features. If you offer future upgrades/updates to your original donated products, I will happily feature them in a future website content (and likely video)
  • Suggestions? I am open to listening to any other sponsorship suggestion you have

The Garden

I have approximately 140 ft² to use for indoor garden space and I plan to start with multiple tents and growing styles/methods, depending on the types of products that are donated to “sponsor” this project.


I am searching for grow sponsors and introductions to product suppliers for every item and product needed throughout the entire process, including but not limited to:

  • Cannabis Kits of any kind
  • Seeds
  • Cloning
  • Grow medium
  • Grow containers
  • Nutrients
  • Amendments
  • Meters
  • Lighting
  • Tents
  • Fans
  • System Controllers
  • Watering – Manual. Hydroponic, and Automatic
  • Harvesting
  • Trimming
  • Drying
  • Curing
  • Storing
  • Smoking
  • Consuming
  • Edible Making
  • Flower and Edible Storage
  • Note Taking, Logging, Journaling
  • Novelties
  • Anything else? If I missed something, just let me know

Zero Risk Promise

Being this an an SEO “sponsorship” opportunity, I am happy to offer you a ZERO RISK promise. If, after 2 years, you feel like you did not receive COGS+shipping value from this “sponsorship” opportunity, I will happily pay you for the COGS plus shipping of any product you donate.

Why 2 years? It’s simple, SEO is a long-term marketing strategy. Yes, you will get plenty of value before then, but that’s the promise I will make to you.

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MOKANnabis - Resources and guides for the 1st time cannabis grower
MOKANnabis - Resources and guides for the 1st time cannabis grower

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